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ITEM NAME : Biochemistry Analyzer
Manufacture : Adaltis
Model No. : Pchem-2
Device Condition : New
Ad ID : Sell-00454-1-2-3
Publication Date : 2023-10-30
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  • Manufacture : Adaltis
  • Model No. : Pchem-2
  • Country of Origin : Italy
  • Region & Governorate : All Governorates - 🛒
  • Comment :
  • The Pchem-2 a reliable fully automated analyser for clinical chemistry operating in the mid class test range of 240-420 tph.

    Double Arm

    • Up to 420 tests per hour with ISE.
    • 240 Bi-Reagent photometric test/hour constant throughput.

    Single Arm

    • Up to 360 tests per hour with ISE.
    • Up to 240 mono-reagent tests per hour.

    Pchem-2 is a midsized benchtop instrument that is extremely reliable in the heavy workload segment of 240 tests per hour.

    The Pchem-ease-of-use-software gives you
    a hassle-free workflow routine in several demanding settings.

    Adaltis completes the Pchem system with a CE-marked Pchem reagents panel (CHEMgen) of 30/43-assays, ready for use, ensuring you a fast forward daily routine in your laboratory. Pchem analysers are well prepared for integrated ISE analysis of electrolytes.

  • Hand over company engineer : Yes
  • Operation System : Fully Automated
  • Device Condition : New
  • Warranty : Yes
  • Test Methods : Colorimetric and Kinetic

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