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TareqApp is the Biggest online Marketplace for Medical diagnostic Laboratories . Which serve to connect all Users directly with suppliers. it will help all doctors in Lab to Lab business , ِAlso it will assist you to sell your used Devices in your lab


TareqApp give you The ability to sell and Buy your Lab items like instrumentations and Equipments by Easy and secure Way

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TareqApp help you to do your Lab To Lab business in a convenient and more faster also Now you will be able to rate the lab performance with you.

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Biochemistry Analyzer

BioTecnica - BT-224

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Cairo - El Zaitoun District


Biochemistry Analyzer

Sunostik - SBA-733 PLUS

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Sohag - Tahta Center


Biochemistry Analyzer

Erba - CHEM-7

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Kafr El Sheikh - Sir Salm


Biochemistry Analyzer


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Al Sharqia - New Salihia


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TareqApp coming soon to download on AppStore and Google Play . you will Owen the power on your hand to Improve your performance